Product Information

Each New VS™ requires only 3.5 inches of rack space

  • No conversion – restore from VS™ backup tapes

  • Performance available from VS5000 through 2 x VS18950 and beyond
  • Integrated Lightspeed NVS™ gateways – no more PC gateways
  • All Lightspeed NVS™ features supported
  • Virtual PIB™ printing to PIB-supported printers anywhere via TCP/IP
  • Bundled TCP/IP Windows/Linux workstation client supports MWS, Glossaries, WP, WP+
  • VS™ TCP/IP now supported
  • WSN over TCP/IP up to 15 x faster than Wangnet, up to 50 x faster than synch null modem
  • RSF over TCP/IP four x faster than RSF II
  • "928" support for legacy Wang® VS™ peripherals (coax, twisted pair, Fiberway II)
  • Integrated, internal, fast, fault-tolerant storage up to 2.1 TB
  • High bandwidth into and out of the New VS
  • Oracle database interface for VS™ COBOL and other application languages

Available now on Dell PowerEdge. Availability on other Linux/Unix platforms by special order.

Expensive third-party conversions are a thing of the past!

  • ZERO software conversion!
  • ZERO file conversion!

This is a NEW GENERATION of VS™!

Additional Information

Licensed software required from Transvirtual Systems and Compucom.

“Wang” is a registered trademark of Compucom. “VS” is a trademark of Compucom. “New VS” is a trademark of TransVirtual Systems. “Lightspeed NVS” is a trademark of Lightspeed NVS. “Oracle” is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation.