Integrated Virtual Tape

It may be true that your wristwatch has more memory capacity than one of your vintage tape drives, but your wristwatch isn’t responsible for preserving the data only those 80s and early 90s drives can read.

Legacy tape drives are often the bane of any conversion from an existing Wang system to a TVS solution. Yet the data retrievable by these drives is often mission critical, and frequently legally encumbered.

Our Integrated Virtual Tape (IVT) device is a new addition to our solution family that emulates a 2239V2 SCSI tape drive attached to the VS host. The IVT allows you to create, read, and write files on the Linux host without changing a single line of code.

You can read the complete story about our new IVT device here. To discuss how an IVT device can be integrated into your system, contact Customer Support for more information.