Migration/Conversion Vs. the New VS™

Poweredge 2850Now you can simply and seamlessly upgrade your Wang® VS™ system with no conversion, no migration.

The New VS™ from TransVirtual Systems and Getronics offers these benefits:

100% binary compatible The New VS™ Hardware Abstraction Layer provides the VS™ instruction set, the VS™ memory architecture, the VS™ interrupt system, the VS™ I/O architecture, the VS™ System Control Unit (SCU) and selected VS™ IOC and device functionality
ZERO conversion The New VS™ runs existing VS™ software, so there is no need for any conversion – not programs, not data files
ZERO migration The New VS™ is a functional upgrade from your present VS™
Load & run Restore your VS™ volumes from backup tapes or VS™ disks, configure the new system, and IPL
IPLs & runs the VS™ OS Yes, the New VS™ runs the real VS™ Operating System, including optional components such as EVAS, XDMS, etc.
Runs all VS™ software Yes, the New VS™ runs all VS™ software, just like all previous VS™ model upgrades… all compilers, editors, utilities and applications
True MWS/WP/WP+ client A new workstation emulator is microcode-loadable, seamlessly supporting MWS, Glossary, Personalities, WP, WP+ and other microcode-dependent functionality
WSN over TCP/IP You can network New VS™ instances in the same or different hosts with full-featured WSN over TCP/IP for remote logon, file transfer and other services
RSF over TCP/IP You can cluster New VS™ instances in the same or different hosts with full RSF functionality
Fault tolerant storage Integrated RAID1/RAID5 with 256 MB and battery-backed cache
Up to 2100 GB internal Internal storage up to 1.5 TB (1500 GB) in the 2U model and up to 2.1 TB (2100 GB) in the 5U model, unlimited external storage
Integrated Lightspeed gateways The New VS™ directly supports Lightspeed NVS™ clients, eliminating the need for WLOC and SCSI Lightspeed gateway PCs
Support for traditional Wang® 928 (coax) devices Wang® workstations, printers, PIBS, telecommunications… any of these critical VS™ devices can be moved to the New VS™ using our PCI Universal Serial IOC
Up to 2 GB VS™ memory Like the VS18950, the New VS™ supports up to 2 GB of VS™ memory for large VS™ configurations, expanded GETMEM, OVERDRIVE, etc.
Up to 500 users plus VS™ OS 7.54.11 supports up to 999 devices/users, while the 1,999 device/user VS™ OS is in testing for release
Up to 2 x VS18950 speed The New VS™ offers performance tiers that span the entire range of VS™ models and beyond — to twice the performance of the VS18950 (on Dual Core systems)
True Virtual PIB Microcode-loadable Virtual PIB provides seamless PIB printing to parallel ports or network printers in an outboard Linux appliance
Full-featured SCU The New VS™ is equipped with a virtual System Control Unit (SCU) for IOC configuration and IPL control, including full Control Mode with additional debug features
VS™/VM coming soon The New VS™ will support VS™/VM, the VS™ Virtual Machine Operating System, when there is sufficient demand

The first New VS™ (VS22000) installation was completed, accepted and in production in less than one day. Ask your conversion vendor how close they can come to that.

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